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Cookies Policy Last Modified: July 22 2020  What are cookies and how long do they last?  This cookies policy covers the types of cookies users may encounter in using the Conscious Brands website. A cookie is a small data file that contains information about your visit to a website. This information is provided by your computer during your […]

We’re in it together

we’re in it together Culture is the backbone of resilient companies Purpose and culture go hand-in-hand. When you’re crystal clear on ‘why’ you exist and your vision, values and actions directly support that higher purpose, you have a recipe for a strong, meaningful culture that can withstand disruption.   A Conscious Brand is built from the inside-out, which is […]

Purpose on purpose

PURPOSE ON PURPOSE Purpose on purpose™ is powerful. It transforms your company, your culture, and more importantly, ensures your organisation pursues meaningful impact in the world.  If your ‘why’ lacks clarity, resonance and actionability, or if you are still measuring your brand health and value exclusively with KPI’s, profit margin or customer satisfaction, there is every chance your organisation is being held back from […]


Conscious Brand Index Team Assessment Results on Transparent Background

The Future is Conscious Lead the change, become a Conscious Brand Purpose on Purpose® Walk the talk with transparency, alignment and action We’re in it Together Mobilise your people and progress towards a better future Brand Assessment Tool How conscious is your brand? Listen to your people The Future is Conscious Lead the change, and […]

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Let’s get started Individual Assessment FREE GET STARTED Perfect for individual Leaders and Employees to assess their organisation independently Receive a Results Summary showing scores for each of the 6 Pillars and overall result Recommendations based on the lowest scoring pillar Receive relevant resources and helpful information from Conscious Brands Organisational​ Assessment GET IN TOUCH […]


ABOUT CONSCIOUS BRANDS Brands that will endure into the future are Conscious Brands®: brands that actively contribute to a better future for us all through purpose, values and conscious practices. We are Conscious Brands® activators and educators, co-creating pioneering tools for the next evolution of business. The future is conscious, and organisations need to lead […]


Conscious Brand Insights Workshop Cultivate transparency, awareness and measurement around purpose. Drive growth through brand trust. In this full day workshop, you’ll discover how to build trust through the 6 pillars of a Conscious Brand, develop insights around your barriers to embedding purpose and strategies to overcome them. The Conscious Brands® Assessment Tool (CBA) will help […]

The Future is Conscious

The future is conscious The business world is being rapidly reshaped. Conscious Brands® will lead the way. As a society, our value system is changing. Education levels have risen, and global awareness of life options and possibilities has soared. We are becoming a much more conscious society, we are shifting from materialistic influences to others-centred influences, and our […]

Brand Assessment

Conscious Brands® Assessment Tool Use the tool to support the positive growth and transformation of your brand towards a conscious future. If you have already embarked on this journey, or recognise the need to start, this tool will give you the visibility and advice to help guide you and take you further on your journey.  […]

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Privacy Policy Last Modified: July 22 2020  This Privacy Policy aims to give you information on how we collect and process your personal data through your use of this website, including any data you may provide through this website when you sign up to our newsletter, take the Conscious Brands Assessment, fill out a form, or […]