What is a Conscious Brand? || Pat Crowley from Chapul

What is a conscious brand? Where are the biggest roadblocks for organizations becoming a conscious brand? What do conscious brands do differently? What leadership is required for a conscious brand? What advice would you give a new or emerging conscious brand?

These are a few of the questions we have asked to some of the brightest industry leaders about their experience deepening their commitment to being a conscious brand.

Photo by Nina Roberts (flickr)

This week, we caught up with Pat Crowley, Founder and Chief Cricket Master at Chapul. Founded in 2012, Chapul was the first company in the US to launch an insect protein product and develop the first cricket flour on the market. A passionate water protector, Pat found himself frustrated in the knowledge that the majority of our freshwater resources were going toward agriculture and livestock production. Insects, however, are incredibly efficient at converting plant matter into a very healthy source of protein for humans, while emitting far fewer greenhouse gases and requiring much less land resource. Looking to learn from our ancestors, Chapul was born to bring environmentally sustainable insect protein into Western diets.

You can check out our interview with Pat below, as well as some of the other videos in our series of ‘What is a Conscious Brand’ interviews on our YouTube channel.


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