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What is a Conscious Brand? || James Boettcher from Fiasco Gelato

What is a conscious brand? Where are the biggest roadblocks for organizations becoming a conscious brand? What do conscious brands do differently? What leadership is required for a conscious brand? What advice would you give a new or emerging conscious brand?

These are a few of the questions we have asked to some of the brightest industry leaders about their experience deepening their commitment to being a conscious brand.

This weeks inspiration comes from James Boettcher – Custodian of Culture & Chief Idea Officer at Fiasco Gelato. With a dream of creating something that matters – a “not-only-for-profit” business that sells great products and also helps make the world a better place, James acquired Fiasco in 2009. With a disruptive vision for doing business differently, Fiasco is guided by a vision of empowerment, innovation, forward thinking, strong relationships, passion, and the best customer experience. Sprinkle in a fierce dedication to environmental sustainability, a super impressive B Corp certification score of 111, and one cute company mascot (James’ dog, Shaka) and it’s no surprise the Fiasco team is killing it.


“When I identify what a conscious brand is, it’s mostly about being committed to the decisions you make. Knowing that a decision made today really has an effect on tomorrow.”
– James Boettcher, Fiasco Gelato


You can check out our interview with James below, as well as some of the other videos in our series of ‘What is a Conscious Brand’ interviews on our YouTube channel.




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