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What is a Conscious Brand? || Christopher Marston from Exemplar Companies

What is a conscious brand? Where are the biggest roadblocks for organizations becoming a conscious brand? What do conscious brands do differently? What leadership is required for a conscious brand? What advice would you give a new or emerging conscious brand?

These are a few of the questions we have asked to some of the brightest industry leaders about their experience deepening their commitment to being a conscious brand.

This week we spoke with Christopher Marston – Founder and CEO of Exemplar CompaniesOne of the first corporate law firms to abandon the traditional billable hours model, choosing instead focus on genuine relationship building and transparency in their fixed billing process. Exemplar provides innovative new economy professional services to some of the most revolutionary and game-changing business out there. Guided by their core values and a quadruple bottom line – social, environmental, spiritual, and financial.


“Work with other conscious brands. Work with leaders of other conscious brands… find out and ask people who’ve done it before. Success leaves clues.” – Christoper Marston, Exemplar Companies


You can check out our interview with Christopher below, and watch the other videos in our series of ‘What is a Conscious Brand’ interviews on our YouTube channel.



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