Hooray for Summertime! There is literally no other season quite as awesome as the all-too-short months of summer. Our team here at CB is definitely making the most of it – while we try our hardest to balance work and life, accommodation and understanding is given to the slower than usual email reply time, the occasional postponed meeting, or cutting out early to soak up just a little more sunshine at the end of an extra hot day. Cool beverages and treats on regular rotation help too.

We hope you too are able to make the most of the summers best offerings – finding time to rest, relax and recharge, soaking up the heat, and of course, eating all of the delicious food that gardens and bursting farmers markets have to offer.

And in case you are keen to do a little reading while taking in your daily dose of vitamin d, we thought we would share a Summer Edition of our Top 5 High Vibes – Enjoy!



We have stumbled upon some really great articles as of late – too many to narrow it down to just one, so we figured we would share a few. This is your cue to go grab a cold beverage, find a comfy reading spot (preferably one where you are able to breathe in fresh air) and release any guilt you may have around anything else you ‘should’ be doing. Have a peek at the following articles, let them sit and percolate and see what comes up for you over the next few weeks.

Amazon’s New Customer – With last months announcement of Amazon’s procurement of Whole Foods, the media world is swirling with predictions, theories, and opinions about what this means for consumers, commerce, and the natural foods industry. Stratechory’s article shares a different angle, noting that the key to understanding Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is to understand that Amazon didn’t by a retailer; they bought a new customer.

The ‘Fix’ Is In: Changing the DNA of Global Capitalism: Freeing Business Leaders to Be Their Best Selves at Work – ‘There’s no way to ‘fix’ corporations’ compulsion to produce ever more, ever more cheaply. It’s written into the DNA of global capitalism.’ So says the subtitle of Nicole Aschoff’s recent article in The Guardian. What if there is a “fix”? What if we could change the DNA of global capitalism so that corporations were hard-wired to create a positive impact on society? It’s not fantasy. And it’s not even in some distant future. It’s real and it’s already happening. Have a look…

The Benefits of Sharing Your Emotions at Work – It’s not easy to be vulnerable and share how we really feel – especially at work. Often, we worry we’ll be judged or misunderstood. But having an open and engaged work environment is linked to overall improved productivity, employee retention, and reduced stress in the workplace. “Sharing emotions and not taking them out on others, but admitting when you’re having them, is actually one of the most professional and strongest things you can do,” said Kim Scott, a startup founder and author, whose work is driven by a core belief: bring your whole self to work. “When you pretend that something is not wrong, you just confuse people and create churn.”


The sense that we are not being listened to is one of the most frustrating feelings imaginable. Toddlers scream about it, teenagers move out, couples split up, companies breakdown. One of the main reasons this breakdown in communication occurs is that listening (like reading, thinking clearly and focusing) is a skill which we rarely consider to be something requiring knowledge and practice.

There is a difference between hearing and listening. Listening is difficult because it involves suppressing your ego long enough to consider what is being said before you respond. Farnam Street shares some insightful ideas around how we can be better active listeners and overcome cognitive biases – moving beyond the words being spoken and instead, forming a rich picture of the other person’s emotions.

This month, we challenge ourselves to be better at active listening. Whether at home, in your personal relationships, or at work – find moments in your day to truly hear the people speaking to you, and without ego, respond carefully and thoughtfully. (Check out the full article for further guidance.)


Not much is better than sipping a cold fizzy drink on a hot summers day, but with soda and other commercially available beverages having so many added chemicals, artificial flavours, colouring and sugar, the guilt can definitely outweigh the reward.

Enter Harmonic Arts and their ultra intelligent herbal soda syrups – Not only do these plant/root-based concoctions taste incredibly akin to their mainstream counterparts, they are actually HEALTHY! With flavours like Root beer, Chaga Kola, Vanilla Cream, Ginger, and Elderberry, just add a little ice and some sparkling water and enjoy guilt free soda all summer long!


Feeling a little stagnant in your self-care? Needing a recharge, but not sure what that looks like? How should you take a moment for yourself?

Bustle to the rescue! This interactive flow chart pops through a series of simple, quick questions, resulting in a single bite-sized action to help you carve out some time for YOU. Give it a try and watch the stress melt away.


By now you have probably heard the news that we are selling our primary office space – Loft 110. Last month we shared a little bit more about the ‘why’ behind this decision – putting the needs of our organizational culture ahead of holding on to an underutilized brick and mortar space, as well as walking the talk – staying true to our vision of harmony by remaining dedicated to the pursuit of being a flourishing, responsive and regenerative example in ALL areas of our business. You can read more about our process HERE.

Also, gearing up for the fall (sorry!! Probably too soon!) we are super excited about some events coming up:

EconoUs2017 is bringing together community leaders from coast to coast to reimagine a vibrant and resilient economy that includes everyone and puts people and planet first. This event happening in Calgary Sept 13 -15 is sure to be an incredible one!

Jumping forward to October, Esca Bona in Austen, TX is one of our favourite times of year – Connecting trend-setting entrepreneurs, game-changing technologists and visionary business leaders from across the food supply chain to work together to magnify the positive innovations happening in food. Join us as we re-write the next decade together!

We are also stoked to ramp up our B Corp Consultant training courses! If you have ever wanted to be your own boss AND help change the world for the better by working with companies to guide them through the B Corp certification process, our course provides all the resources you need to get started building your own practice. Click HERE to register or find out more!





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