Happy 2018!
In gratitude to all the help, support, and general good vibes we have received over the last year from everyone, we wanted to share a gift with you to help support you all in your ‘newness’ of the season.
Below is an exercise we do at Conscious Brands – This 4-step process is to help you push past your mental limitations and into a positive ‘conscious’ mindset. Feel free to share it with whomever you feel might enjoy it.
On this worksheet, choose one of your mental roadblocks, then explain how you can apply each

Step 1: Identify why you need a change.

Step 2: Get rid of feelings not in harmony with your goal.

Step 3: Write down positive experiences.

Step 4: Remind yourself of step 1.


After you’ve filled out the worksheet, frequently reference it. This will help you achieve your hardest resolutions in 2018!  Please feel free to share any insight or ‘ah-ha’s’ you may have.

And for those of you who do the 5-minute journalling exercise, this would be a nice add on to your daily, weekly goals.

Here is a link to what 5-minute journalling is; and here is a link to a template we use at Conscious Brands.

Cheers to 2018!



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