Welcome to Shapeshifting in the Natural Products Industry – A video series celebrating businesses consciously committed to increasing their beneficial social and environmental impacts. Our hosts, Rob Sinclair from Conscious Brands and Lisa Spicka from Sustainable Food Trade Association explore insights from collaborative, visionary industry leaders who are fearlessly transforming business models, shifting paradigms, and implementing practices that increase the global sustainability of the organic and natural products trade.

Our first interview is with Shauna Sadowski, Head of Sustainability, Natural and Organic Operating Unit at General Mills. Shauna is responsible for leading sustainability strategy, which includes integrating sustainability into the product design and supply chain, with an emphasis on food and farming programs, external partnership engagements, and ensuring sustainability is implemented across the brands. She works with her team to ensure transparency and accountability from farm to fork, leveraging the power of business to drive positive change in the food system.

Shauna answers some big questions, sharing why she believes the time to act is NOW, and how industry thrives when company’s both big and small are bold and lend their voices to create change.

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