Conscious Brands’ Sustainability Leadership Training Program is designed to build sustainability literacy and capacity into an organization among its individuals and across the whole organization to capture the value of taking a strategic approach to sustainability. At the end of the training program each participant will receive a certificate of completion and the business will have received many immediate business benefits as outlined in each phase below.


PRE-WORK: The Sustainability Leadership Training Program is designed to work alongside an organizations’ existing vision so that we can tie the training to it. If an organization does not have a sustainability strategy or the organization does not have a strong vision the program will not be as impactful. The pre-work will evaluate the organization’s current vision to see how it links to sustainability and ultimately, serves to future proof the organization. Work will not proceed until there is agreement on
the workability of the current vision.


1: SUSTAINABILITY INVITATION – Putting the call out to create a Sustainability Champions team and address its relationship with executive leadership.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Conscious Brands works with the organizational leadership to identify the key internal sustainability champions to be part of the Sustainability Leadership Training Program team.

• Allows employees to self-select and align to their passions
• Connect with their peers and create co-departmental relationships that may not have
previously existed

2: SUSTAINABILITY ALIGNMENT – A half-day retreat with the Sustainability Champions Team

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Conscious Brands starts to build internal capacity through a half day of sustainability discovery and learning to further understand sustainability, share a useful innovation tool and use that to help map out the opportunities available from taking a strategic approach to sustainability.

• Break down the complex concept of sustainability into a relatable, useful definition for the organization
• Provide an overview of reputable and tested sustainability frameworks being utilized by leading purpose-driven progressive companies
• Deeper understanding of the value of sustainability and its multi-faceted applications (eg. energy & water use, waste, organizational culture) for cross-functional teams in the organization

3: SUSTAINABILITY UPGRADE – no less than 40 hours of directed sustainability training per Sustainability Champion participant to upgrade the team and others in the organization.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Conscious Brands works with the team bi-weekly, to build capacity around sustainability literacy and leadership within the team via guided facilitation and workplace instruction.

• Improve internal understanding of sustainability
• Increase internal communication of sustainability initiatives through storytelling, stakeholder engagement, applying common organizational definition and goals of sustainability
• Increase understanding of cross departmental functions and interconnected contribution to sustainability

4: SUSTAINABILITY DIFFUSION – 12-month learning by doing

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Conscious Brands continues to build capacity by guiding the team through identified leadership practices and applying the learnings to co-creates a strategy to diffuse sustainable learning throughout the organization.

• Integration of sustainability into roles, job descriptions and organizational culture
• Team has the skills, confidence and acumen to help lead the organization towards a sustainable future while empowering other team members to do the same along the way
• Builds a deeper commitment to the organization and the overall value of work


• Build capacity of sustainability literacy within the organization; trains up on a common definition of sustainability
• Increase the internal capacity of sustainability initiatives, B-Corp re-certification training; exploration of Future Proofing of business
• Stronger culture based on shared values, common goals, and a deeper sense of purpose
• Attract and retain best in class employees; possible to become the employer of choice
• Builds an organization of leaders that co-create positive change to influence the entire industry


Course Duration: 6 months; 12 months – Training Hours: 30 hours; 45 hours
Total Cost of Program: $3600 + GST per person1
Course Capacity: Maximum 10 students per class
Delivery Method: In person and webinar


Matt Mayer is an Associate with Conscious Brands, an organization that specializes in making great businesses even greater through training and development that takes into consideration all stakeholders in all business decisions. He has more than 5 years extensive experience in design and delivery of sustainability strategy processes for executive leadership for companies ranging from $50MM to $500MM. He has more than 5 years of experience design and lead training delivery at post-secondly institution and is currently teaching at the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University and is an instructor in Continuing Education at the University of Calgary. Matt holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria and a Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) from the Blekinge Tekniska Högskolan Karlskrona, Sweden.

Rob Sinclair is the founder and principle with Conscious Brands, an organization that specializes in making great businesses even greater through training and development that takes into consideration all stakeholders in all business decisions. He has more than 10 year of intimate sustainability work within organizations and has been doing leadership training of high level CEO’s and owners for the the past 8 years. He has 2 years of experience in training teams through sustainability leadership. Rob has been building and selling organizations for most of his professional career. He is a board member for REAP (Respect for the Earth and All People) and is a regular speaker at many international conferences.


From employees that have received the Sustainability Leadership training.

‘Being led by Matt & Rob of Conscious Brands, along with discussions within the EA Team, has brought me into an understanding and awareness of not only the condition of our company (and planet for that matter), but has reached down and made a lifelong, behaviour changing impact on my personal life as well.’ ~ Employee

‘As someone who is conscious about sustainability and attempts to incorporate sustainability into my day to day life it was eye opening and exciting to be a part of the EA Team. Learning from others within the organization and understanding sustainability from an Industry perspective challenged my knowledge and view point. It is incredible to see how much of an impact efficiencies can create in being sustainable and how small changes can make big impacts.’ ~ Employee

‘Being part of the EA team has opened my eyes to an additional perspective I need to consider in my role with the organization when making changes and improvements. It’s interesting to see how sustainability and Lean principles work hand-in-hand and naturally complement one another. I’m excited to continue learning about sustainability and journeying with the rest of the team as we work towards a greener organization.’ ~ Employee

‘Sustainability can be a daunting term. The Earth Ambassadors have done well to break it down into focused goals and actions. I am excited to be a part of a team and an organization that walks-the-walk when it comes to sustainability.’ ~ Employee

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