Spiral Table is a program dedicated to developing mastermind groups for sustainability champions big and small. We take 6-8 people from similar industries and/or seniority and/or organizational roles, and put them together in a monthly, facilitated dialogue dedicated to solving problems and conquering the complexities of sustainability. Think of it as the ultimate collaborative leadership development program in sustainability and the new economy – and everyone’s an instructor!

Business leaders passionate about redefining success in business now have an opportunity to connect, collaborate and address challenges unique to purpose-driven leaders.

Conscious Brands’ Spiral Table™ program is a peer-to-peer collaborative experience that helps you grow your business, and yourself. It creates an environment for learning, sharing and integrating conscious business practices into your business and work collectively through your most pressing challenges. Learn from the successes and failures of other purpose-driven business leaders. Take action to become a higher-impact business by making personal commitments to your peers who will hold you accountable.

Conscious Brands’ skilled and passionate facilitators will guide you through discussions that surface what is real and what matters in this movement. They guide you and the Spiral Table participants to hone in on the topics of unique interest to you and your peers as you all trail blaze the new economy.

Some past topics of Spiral Tables have included:

• How do you define the new economy?
How can it be measured?
• What are the best conscious business practices that I can immediately employ
and/or work on?
• How can my organization’s culture be
further vitalized and what strategies should
I consider in my role as a leader?
• What are my blind spots as a purpose-driven business leader?

The Commitment Requires

1. A group of 5-6 peers that you’ll fully and productively participate with in mind, body and spirit for 10-12, 2hr meetings over the course of a 12-month period.
2. A minimum of 1hr of action between the meetings on improving your leadership and business in the new economy.


Cost is on a sliding scale based on the annual revenue of your organization.
Prices range from $105/month – $501/month. Please contact us to find out more.

* Discounts are available for certified B Corps or membership to local BALLE affiliate
** 5% discount is available for prepaying the annual fee