Whether you are on a personal journey toward becoming a more conscious leader or are looking for more formalized training in sustainability leadership – we’ve got your back!

Conscious Brands believes corporate sustainability needs to shift from a sidelined department into a core strategic opportunity. This means that levels of understanding and lines of inquiry must also evolve. Where companies once debated whether or not to pursue sustainability, these questions are now being replaced with debate over how best to pursue sustainability initiatives. What does success look like? What areas should be targeted, internally and externally? Who is responsible for outcomes and who must be brought on board?

Conscious Brands has been helping companies answer these questions by working to build internal capacity to realize the strategic value of sustainability for the past 8 years. Our primary focus is to build capacity in your organization, rather than building dependency on us as experts. Think of us as your Sherpas guiding you up the mountain from base camp to camp. You are carrying your own pack, we are simply guiding and training you on the path so that you can walk it alone one day.