A Conscious Brand is one that nurtures the intrinsic values in people that will support lasting positive change. It actively and intentionally nurtures positive values, relationships, and experiences with all stakeholders. It values people and purpose through the same lens as profit.

It’s better business on purpose, and it’s the way of the future.

Conscious Brands and Mezzanine bring together the ideal combination of organizational strategy, human insights, and understanding, along with creativity and technical execution to help move organizations into a sustainable future.

The process is interactive, built around interviews and workshops and designed to build organizational capacity. Working side-by-side and integrating our processes, we’re able to create high efficiency and valuable outcomes.

This website is a gift to those who know there is more to business than just business. Who see how their actions can shape the world of the people who interact with their brand, be it internal or external. As business leaders, we have a great gift and responsibility to care for, inspire and sometimes even demand positive change in our world, and that starts within our organizations. We hope this tool helps you take the first steps in understanding the concepts of Conscious Branding and how you can apply it to your own business.

Is your organization:

  • Purpose driven?
  • A Certified B-Corp?
  • Running an Impact Business Model?
  • Utilizing a sustainability strategy?


  • You worry you have disconnects between your purpose and your strategy
  • You aren’t sure if your employees are intrinsically engaged
  • You want to know for certain you are creating a positive impact

Truly understand how conscious your brand is and try our free tool – www.consciousbrand.co

It is our desire that this tool can be a catalyst in your journey toward building a purpose-led Conscious Brand.

To find out more, visit consciousbrands.co or get in touch with one of our team members to chat.