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Our Road to Esca Bona

It has been a full (and productive) year at Conscious Brands, and all the seeds we planted throughout the year are producing fruit that is slowly ripening and getting ready to harvest.  The first big harvest we have is coming October 22nd at Esca Bona – and leading up to it, our teammate Rob will be riding his bike from Denver, CO to Austin, TX for the event.

Over 1,500 kms in 15 days!

Why? Great Question…

Let’s start with a little bit of info about what Esca Bona is – in a nut shell, Esca Bona is out to change our food system. The event connects trend-setting entrepreneurs, technologists, and visionary go-getters from across the food supply chain to work together and magnify the “new”, “positive” and previously unthinkable innovations happening in food.. Esca Bona is an intimate opportunity for everyone to participate, ask questions, and bring their solutions to create a more regenerative, transparent, just, nutritious and delicious food system.

In an effort to reduce the environmental impact associated with traveling to events like Esca Bona, Rob pledged to ride his bike for a big section of his journey. Along the way, he will be asking all of you to send him your biggest burning questions around our food industry. Rob will ponder your question during his ride, and respond with his thoughts at the end of each day, taking your collective thoughts and questions and the ideas he has discovered while riding with him to Esca Bona in Austin on October 22.


Add your voice to the conversation and submit your big burning food industry questions by email, leave a comment on this blog post, or connect with us over any of our social media channels. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

You can follow Rob’s biking progress HERE and follow the hashtag #OurRoadToEscaBona to see Rob’s journey and thoughts on some of your important questions.

Lastly, you can view some of our takeaways from last years Esca Bona event HERE. It was an amazing time that we look forward to expanding on this year.

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