It’s about empowering our clients

In the standard consultancy model, an organization tries its hardest to break through a challenge, only to continue running into the same wall. A decision is made to hire an external “expert” or “consultant” to help fix the problem. The organization usually discovers – after the project is complete – that in order to fix the problem, they need to retain the consultant for a long time, at a high expense.

Conscious Brands believes in a different model. We believe in empowering our clients to continue the work once we’re out of the picture, and we approach each consultancy with the goal of building in the capacity and the necessary processes for them to do so. Essentially, strange though it may seem, we seek to work ourselves out of work.

It’s not about telling them what to do

Because our end goal is to empower our clients, we’ve found we need to go beyond just  including stakeholders. They need to be involved in all aspects of creating new processes and new ways of doing things. We’ve also found that the more we listen to stakeholders, and the more their voices are built into the strategies we create and the actions we take, the more they buy in to the work of activating sustainability.

That’s why our services are highly consultative and co-creative. So if you believe in the power of listening to stakeholders to determine strategy and action, contact us.