Strategic Action
& Collaborative Learning

In order for a business to take strategic action towards higher purpose, there must be a clear, organization-wide understanding of what that means. Higher purpose must become embedded in its DNA at the highest and lowest levels – trickling down as well as absorbing up. Everyone involved must be able to see themselves and their organization in harmony with the environment and society around them.

Conscious Brands believes that kind of fundamental, DNA-level change in culture can only happen when strategic action is supported by collaborative learning, to create an infinity loop of learning and action towards sustainability. In other words, we believe activating sustainability involves a journey of continuous learning rather than a definable endpoint. And as Sustainability Sherpas, we see our role as guides on each client’s ongoing journey to sustainability.

To facilitate this journey, Conscious Brands offers services designed to help our clients embed sustainability into their DNA – by fostering employee engagement in taking strategic action, and by creating the conditions for collaborative learning. We believe that as organizations move towards sustainability, they develop a wealth of knowledge, experience and learning that can be shared to ignite a further passion for activating sustainability. Our value lies in helping organizations create that infinity loop of action and learning.

Our theory of change
and the new economy

While the industrial revolution sparked humanity’s ingenuity and enabled us to live far more convenient lives – and gave rise to business as we know it today – it happened under entirely different global conditions. The times have changed. We now know we live in a world of finite resources, and we know what impact we’re having on that world, and we know what the consequences will be if we continue on this path.

We believe that just as the rise of business on a massive scale was to blame for the mess our world is currently in, so too does the solution lie in the way we do business. But to find that solution, we must redefine success beyond dollars and cents. We must change the way we act as individuals and as businesses, and move towards an economy that includes flourishing global health.

We also believe that making leaps and bounds towards sustainability is not mutually exclusive from being hugely profitable. In fact, we believe that the more radically successful conscious businesses (like Patagonia, Guayaki Yerba Mate or Genuine Health, to name a few) are firmly grounded in a world based on dollars and cents. Furthermore, they act as positive examples for other businesses, showing them the changes they need to make to keep up.

At Conscious Brands, we believe that we don’t just help companies move towards sustainability, we also help them become beacons for the future of business. We help create living stories that tell everyone that doing good is just good business!