Last week, some of the members of the Conscious Brands team spent some time learning about the Calgary Chamber of Commerce newest initiative ‘Onward’ – working to provide local businesses the tools, resources and connections to succeed in our rapidly changing environment, and helping to shape the future of the Calgary businesses sector during this pivotal moment in time.


With refreshing ideas and tangible action items, Calgary businesses can rethink and rework their traditional business approach into something sustainable and impactful, now and for the longterm.


During Onward’s presentation, we heard from Peter Diamondis, one of the most prominent speakers on businesses innovation. The take away from this talk? The idea of ‘moonshots’ and reaching them by starting with identifying adjacent possibilities. You can see the recap video, as well as ideas on where to start, HERE.


Lastly, we were asked to pick a few words that inspire us each and every day. Words that we believe are part of the solution that will carry all of us onward. 


matt rob



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