March was a busy one for the CB team! We launched our revamped ‘How to build a B Corp Consulting Practice’ self-study workshop and we hosted an incredible session at Expo West in Anaheim (more on that later…) Toss that together with our usual full-to-the-brim workload, and March definitely kept us on our toes!

So this month, we wanted to reflect and share some of our best takeaways from the last 31 days. Our session at Expo West was titled ‘Co-creating an Industry of Conscious Companies: A Generative Dialogue.’ Unlike most workshops where experts present their expertise, our intention was to capture the collective knowledge and wisdom in the room. (You can read more about our synthesis from this workshop HERE). It’s no surprise that we were inundated with insightful, inspiring and creative ideas from each and every person that participated in this session, and we look forward to continuing this conversation and digging deeper into the ideas shared with all of you.

With that, our theme for this months Top 5 High Vibes is the idea of Conscious Action – how we can each guide, participate and contribute in moving the world to a greater place of harmony. Whether that’s by shifting our guiding principals at work, or making concerted efforts around the companies we support at home – whatever that may look like in our day to day lives is what we hope to bring focus to.



We came across an inspiring letter written by Todd Hoskins of The Chicago Wisdom Project, an organizations with a mission is to re-imagine education through holistic programming that transforms individual, community and world through creative expression.

The letter is directed to business owners, leaders and change-makers, sharing insight on the challenges and changing face of capitalism and traditional business and providing ideas for what pivots to consider in order to allow for resiliency, harmony, and newly-defined success moving forward.

The letter begins:

I know you are feeling uneasy. Despite reports of widespread record profits, and the Dow being at an all-time high, you sense a big shift is underway that is shaking the foundations of capitalism. We are facing political upheaval, disengaged workers, constant disruption, and an accelerating pace of change…

First, we are within a fundamental shift that is much more than a business cycle. Organizations can either participate in the shift or they can watch it pass them by. As Dawn Vance from Nike said, we can either “hit the wall,” optimize and then “hit the wall,” or redesign for resilience.

Second, the only way that the current state of free market capitalism will avoid being toppled is if business leaders take on a deeper sense of responsibility for the world we are creating. As strategy guru Michael Porter writes, “The old models of corporate strategy and capitalism are dead.  We are witnessing a paradigm shift from hurting to helping.”

Todd suggests tactics such as a shift to being supported by and learning from our networks, collaboration and cooperation instead of competition, changing traditional views on company ownership to allow for full employee empowerment and buy-in, and opening doors and windows to peek inside the inner workings of our companies.

It’s a well researched and very informative read, especially for those us that are feeling the rumblings of change, but aren’t sure where exactly to focus that energy.

You can read the letter in full HERE.


At our session at Expo West, we wrapped up by having everyone write down a ‘Conscious Action’ – A personal commitment we could each individually make to help move the world towards greater consciousness.


We received some totally inspiring commitments, and wanted to share a couple with you here, but we also wanted to continue that momentum and ask each of you ‘what can you do to help move the world toward greater consciousness?’

Share your commitments in the comments below OR use the hashtag #ConsciousAction on social media. We would love to add your voice to the conversation and hear about what is top of mind and most important for each of you.

Below are some of the commitments collected in Anaheim to help get your creative juices flowing:

‘Creating transparency within my company and sharing the production process from the source to end product.’

‘Considering the quadruple bottom line when I make consumer choices (how/ where I spend my money)’

‘Inclusion and accessibility. Recognizing important connections and strengthening these connections. Personally committing to transparency and intelligent communication and corporate education.’

‘Taking pride in what I am promoting/ supporting and being proud of the legacy I am leaving behind.’

‘Breaking things and saving the world.’


After 7 long years, Broken Social Scene is back delighting our ears and filling our hearts with their newest single ‘Halfway Home.’ All though the collective remains coy over a release date for this not yet titled album, this advanced single has us feeling all sorts of excitement for whats to come. Enjoy!


Have you heard of Hygge? To provide a (perhaps overly simplified) definition, Hygge is the Danish art of contentment, comfort and connection. It is a a feeling that is familiar to you- one that surfaces in the rhythm of our day to day life, in our habits, routines and rituals. Although there is no literal English translation for the word, ‘cozy’ comes close.

Hygge stems from a society that is focused on people rather than things. It is linked to the language of love and to the idea that real wealth is not what we can accumulate but what we have to share. Danish doctors recommend “tea and hygge” as a cure for the common cold. Beautiful, right?

We Hygge when we light a candle, while we make coffee, or cook a delicious meal. We Hygge when take sweets into the office to share with our workmates ‘just because’, when we return home to one another at the end of the day and share a cup of tea or glass of wine, while we sit around a table and enjoy a meal together. We Hygge while we cuddle up under a warm blanket at night, massage lotion into our hands, or write a love letter to someone that we adore. Hygge is finding moments of delight in what can often be looked at as simply going through the motions, and sharing those moments and that feeling with those around us.

To give a name to an experience is to pay attention to it. Our hope is we can all take a moment to discover the Hygge that already exists in our life and become more attuned to its presence.

How do you Hygge?


This week we are headed to CHFA West in Vancouver. We will be continuing the dialogue of what a Conscious Company looks like with 20 Natural Foods industry experts and thought leaders. We look forward to sharing more of our synthesis from CHFA in the coming weeks. And if you will be Vancouver for the trade show, get in touch as we would love to connect!

We are also so excited to welcome a new teammate to the CB family – Cordell Jacks will be working as our Sustainable Growth Strategist! We will do a more formal introduction of Cordell soon, but for the time being, feel free to check out his bio on our team page. Welcome, Cordell!










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