FROM PURPOSE DRIVEN TO CONSCIOUS: Engaging Employees Around the Cultural Aspects of Consciousness in the Organization

Are you purpose-driven?
A Certified B-Corp?
Run an Impact Business Model?
Have a sustainability strategy?
Do you know if you have disconnects between your purpose and your strategy?
Do you know how intrinsically engaged your employees are?
Are you actually creating a positive impact?

A Conscious Brand is one that actively and intentionally nurtures positive values, relationships, and experiences with all stakeholders. It values people and purpose through the same lens as profit, and in turn, works to amplify customer loyalty, innovation, differentiation, employee morale, recruitment, productivity and organizational agility.

With today’s ever-changing world of business, it is important that your organization be anchored to a higher, living purpose. You and your team need to be clear on ‘why’ you exist as a business and ‘where’ you are going.

For organizations already on the path toward becoming a Conscious Brand, the single greatest roadblock we see time and time again is employee engagement. Your employees are the eyes, ears, hands, and hearts of your organization, but by not creating a culture of honest engagement, you are overlooking your most valuable asset.

The most efficient and cost effective way to engage with your employees around purpose is with the Conscious Brands diagnostic tool. Collect your teams candid feedback on the six pillars of a Conscious Brand, capturing their unique perspective within the organizations and shining light on alignment and dissonance to begin transforming your brand. This is a journey, and there is no silver bullet or one-size fits all solution; but with our tool and post-assessment recommendations report, you can see where to best focus your attention.

This one hour webinar will introduce you to the benefits of the CBI diagnostic tool as well as highlight details around the 6 pillars of a conscious brand.


  • Build Stronger Teams and Partnerships. Broaden the skill set within your group, work more effectively and enjoyably together, engage teams, organizations, and community stakeholders in meaningful conversations that promote resilience, belonging, innovation, and collective impact.
  • Create a deeper understanding of each to the 6 pillars of a Conscious Brand. The six pillars of a Conscious Brand and Higher Purpose, Purpose Driven Strategy, Conscious Communication, Intrinsically Engaged Employees, Empathetically Connected Customers and Agile and Responsive.
  • Apply what you are learning directly to the lowest pillar from the results of your organizations complete CBI. (And learn what the lowest pillars are for other organizations).
  • Understand how the CBI tool can improve your B-Corp score (if you are certified). BCorps have an awareness of the impacts their business have of stakeholders. This includes considering all stakeholder in business decisions and the impact your business has in the communities it operates within. The CBI tool helps organizations understand the cohesion and resonance of their higher purpose throughout all departments, levels and individuals within their walls


‘V’ulnerable leaders who want to know the ‘T’ruth about their purpose driven brand, Experienced and Emerging Leaders, Managers, Social Innovators, New Economy Champions, and owners of Purpose Driven Businesses or anyone attracted to the call! This event is designed to be participatory – you know who you are. All experience levels welcome.


You will need to complete the CBI tool – – as mentioned above.
(We will send you a customized link once you have completed the registration process.)


Tuesday November 12, 2019
3:00pm – 4:00pm (PST)

Wednesday, December 4, 2019
3:00pm – 4:00pm (PST)


Visit our Eventbrite page to reserve you ticket today. Cost is $22 (plus fees) and availability is limited.


We are excited to be hosted by a team of highly experienced practitioners:
Nikki Wright, Luke Burrell, and Rob Sinclair

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