We had the honor of facilitating a group of 40 inspiring Calgarians gathered for a conversation on the opportunities and challenges of being a purpose-driven business. REAP hosted an incredible Sustainability for Breakfast session filled with reflection and discussion on the Five Tenets of Conscious Brand.

Thanks to REAP for hosting, and for putting together the awesome list below…

Five things learned about building a conscious brand:

  1. Clarity: In his opening presentation, Rob referenced the Marie Forleo quote, “Clarity comes through engagement, not individual thought.” This proved to be an overarching theme for the morning’s activities, engaging entrepreneurs and community members in discussions on ‘enabling forces’ and ‘inhibiting forces’ in achieving social change as a business.
  2. Shared experiences: During the exercise, attendees categorized their own enabling and inhibiting forces along two graphs, which measured the strength of the respective forces against the ease of change. Several attendees remarked having similar triumphs and challenges to each other, regardless of industry or background.
  3. Inhibitions: Political conflicts, competitive prices, and fear of instability were among the most common inhibiting factors that guests presented.
  4. Enabling action: Relationships, community, belonging, and education were among the enabling factors found in the exercise. “We found that those who listen will become your brand,” said Dave Cree, co-founder of CMNGD – a laundry service that employs residents of the Drop-In Centre. “If you are able to educate them, they will more likely become a fan.”
  5. Can’t have one without the other: During the table discussions, Universal Access CEO Sean Crump found that “you need to have the enabling forces outweigh the inhibiting forces to create change. If you can convince a potential client that it’s worth the effort for them, it’s easier to sell them on it.”

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