February tends to get a bit of bad wrap. A quick internet search yields pages upon pages of articles each proclaiming February to be ‘The Worst Month EVER!’

The weather is terrible, the seasonal food selection is terrible, your immune system is exhausted… One thing is for sure- if you aren’t looking at the bright side, it’s pretty easy to be bummed on February.

But here we are – heading into March!  And March means SPRING is right around the corner! What better time to breathe new life into those chilled winter bones in preparations for the sun-soaked days ahead.

This month, we want to focus on doing small things with big impact – at home, at work, at play – wherever you happen to be in the world. Bite-sized pieces we can each commit to that help create a ripple effect of wonderfulness around us. From planning ahead to grow a bit of your own food, to expanding our horizons by inviting over a few new faces to share a meal together- in March, we make the world a little bit better, one small, loving thing at a time.




From container gardens on window sills to food forests on front lawns, gardening has been making a well-deserved comeback over the years. Toted as a serious win for the environment, for the soil, for your health, for food security, for fostering healthy eating habits in children and keeping the aging population nimble… the list of benefits is a long and encouraging one.

March is the perfect month to get organized for the gardening season ahead. Set a few goals for what you hope your garden will achieve this year, order seeds and supplies, and create a schedule of what to plant when.

If you are looking for ways to grow food in your office or indoor space, or how to perfect container gardening on a small patio or yard, the internet is your oyster when it comes to experiential inspiration!

West Coast Seeds has a website abundant with gardening information. In addition to offering a massive variety of certified organic seeds for sale through their online store, they also provide a large collection of regional planting charts. By using local frost dates, they have adjusted planting charts to suit various climatic regions in Canada and the US. The charts outline which plants to start when and which growing conditions suit them best. Invaluable knowledge for those new to gardening, or those looking to improve their annual yields.



Earlier this month, an article titled ‘Do small things with great love’ captivated our attention. The author, Aimee Winbush-Bourque, spoke about how she felt unsure of how to make a significant impact on the world around her, particularly during a time she felt the world needed it most. As a mother and primary caregiver, actions outside the home to demonstrate solidarity and support in the current world climate presented as a challenge. But one thing that Aimee found to have an enormous impact, and is a tangible, bite-sized action that anyone can take, is the act of gathering – friends, co-workers, neighbours, strangers, everyone – around a common table to share food.

Aimee writes:

“When we invite others into our home, we offer a sanctuary. It is our time and our efforts that we offer up, as well as a listening ear. Here, community is built. Neighbours are connected. Friendships become cemented.

The right words, in the right tone, can change hearts and minds. The right words can hold sway. Talk to those around you, even those who are on the opposite ‘side’. We are all connected. We are all affected.

And above all, listen.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, the less formal the better. The scraps of ordinary life slung around a home remind us all of our transitory existence. If we’re not opening our door in an attitude of graciousness, then what is the point? I call it hospitality: when the focus shifts from you, the host (and a perfectly set table), to the guest and their comforts. For me, this is the simple difference between entertaining and hospitality. Less show and more soul.”

You can read the article in full HERE.

And this March, may we each challenge ourselves to move beyond our usual comfort zone and expand our circle of friends through good food, drink and meaningful conversations.

Cheers to friendly faces- both old and new.



Echoing last months sharing of awesome music, we have another rad album to brighten your day. Again, this one has been on heavy rotation in the CB office this month, and is a classic you will instantly want to add to your collection the next time you are out music hunting.

Donald Byrd – Stepping Into Tomorrow


Turmeric Milk (also known as Golden Milk) has the natural food world abuzz right now. And for good reason-

In eastern cultures, turmeric is well regarded as a ‘healing spice’ and used to help everything from sore throats, colds, flu bugs, and stomachaches to wound healing and treatment of abrasions or skin issues. Turmeric milk is high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and is high in manganese and iron. This recipe includes the additions of coconut oil for healthy fats and peppercorns to enhance the absorption of curcumin (the main component found in turmeric) allowing the ingredients in this recipe work in a synergistic fashion and help enhance the nutritional value of each other.

All this being said, this drink is so incredibly comforting. This would be the perfect beverage to calm you before bed or help heal you when you aren’t 100% – warming you up from the inside out. If you give it a try, let us know what you think.

IMG_5579Turmeric Milk

:: ingredients::
2 cups of milk (any kind is fine- traditional recipes call for whole cow or goat milk, but modern renditions use homemade almond, nut or coconut milk with exceptional results)
1 tablespoon good quality local honey
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon ground organic turmeric
1 cinnamon stick or 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 or 4 black peppercorns
6 or 7 thin slices of fresh ginger

:: directions ::
Pour all ingredients into a small saucepan and bring to a light boil. Whisk to combine. Reduce heat to low and simmer for up to 10 minutes. strain the milk if you have large pieces of ginger, cinnamon, or peppercorns. Serve hot topped with an additional dash of cinnamon. Soak in allllll it’s goodness!



16903520_1666696523344949_946203399822407247_oThe CB team is headed to sunny California March 8 – 12 for the Natural Products Expo West! We are so excited to be facilitating a knock-out session while we are there – Co-Creating an Industry of Conscious Companies: A Generative Dialogue. If you will be in Anaheim, we hope to see you on Thursday, March 9th to lend your voice. And if you aren’t able to attend, but are still keen to hear about some of our takeaways from the conference, send us an quick email and we will be sure to share our harvest with you in the coming weeks.

We are also SO excited to announce we are so close to launching our newly updated B Corp Consulting self study course. ‘How to be a B Corp Consultant’ will be refreshed, reworked and better than ever! The course provides a succinct, step-by-step overview of the tools, resources, and best practices ideas learned about B Corp consulting, all at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. We will share the official launch here in the coming days, or you check out our B Corp Consulting workshop page for more information.

Lastly, we underwent a redesign of our business cards and are really pleased with how they turned out. Our cards are printed on 100% post-consumer, unbleached, kraft cardstock using plant-based, biomass, VOC-free inks during the printing process. Thanks to the fine folks at Jukebox Printing in Vancouver for whipping them up for us!















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