I typically avoid mainstream media hype and intentionally focus my energy on more generative/conscious news stories.  Even with this, I feel the creep of low vibrations coming into my world. My practise, as with most things, is to observe and not allow the energy to shift my focus. How I observe and how I respond is a conscious choice, and as my beliefs and values solidify into deep roots of who I am, ensuring that my values are observed as guardrails and are not formed as absolutes.

There is a Conscious Leadership principle that is ‘committing to being curious’ over ‘ committing to be right’.  I commit to the former and find that this is one of my edges. In committing to being curious, it allows me to listen in a much more generative, present way. With these deeply rooted values, I can allow the winds of change to blow though me and those winds stretch but don’t break me – especially when I experience the full on Tsunami winds that seem to be blowing non-stop lately. Indeed there is a climate change and a changing climate and if I look through the lens of ecopsychology, what is happening externally in the world around me is also impacting the world inside me. As I stand back and observe this new world emerge I look to nature for inspiration and directions. What I observe in the human world is acts of distractions, all you need to do is ride public transit, walk down the street, enter a cafe and see how much time is spent on our devices and in isolation with screens.

I see acts of desperation, grasping onto the old, the last bastion of ‘cheap’, ‘all you can eat’, ‘gluttony’, ‘the lowest price’, ‘ quantity over quality’ and ‘externalizing costs to the environment and society’. As the great Candian, Gord Downey of Tragically Hip sang ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’. I see individuals, organizations, and governments acting in the way of desperation and fear. Society is promoting distopia, and while I don’t disagree with the idea that the time to act is NOW, I think our approach to addressing this urgency needs to shift – Shifting from righteousness to curiosity. There is no silver bullet, there is no-one-size-fits-all, there is no one centralized solution.

When we look at nature, healthy ecosystems exist because of the diversity.  Intervention is required only when we start to plant monocrops and look at life through the lens of silos rather than seeing the whole system.

As individuals, I feel it is important to know our neighbours, build community and take down the fences, and open to the rich diversity that exists – seeking to understand rather than seeking to be right. Resiliency sits closer than we think, and it might be a different face or rather multiple faces. So, yes it maybe desperate times that require immediate action. But I feel that as we navigate the complexity and uncertainty in the world it is more of an iterative journey over a rush in with the reptilian brain. Our time and focus today needs to be more of a movement over a revolution.

In the ecosystem of life and work there are many roles. In my next post we will look at the rise and fall of systems and explain that through the example of the new emerging food system.

Sorry Gordie, RIP, I would argue that desperate times call for deliberate measure(ments).

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