This fall, Conscious Brands, is teaming up with Thrive to help launch Calgary into the new economy. We’re joining forces on our collaborative leadership program, known as Spiral Table, that provides a unique peer-to-peer training opportunity for leaders in purpose-driven organizations to accelerate personal and organizational growth.

The initial nudge for the partnership came from Stephanie Jackman, founder of REAP Business Association, and member of the Spiral Table program. She encouraged Barb Davies, Community Economic Development Coordinator of Thrive, ‘you should really check this out for Thrive’s learning community.’ Intrigued but unsure about Conscious Brands’ willingness to join forces, Davies followed the lead and set up a meeting.

The Spiral Table program seemed like an ideal fit for Thrive, who was seeking ways to provide Calgary leaders in sustainability and social change with opportunities to effectively connect and grow their skills.

Over a cup of tea, the synergies between the two organizations was immediately clear. As a result, a partnership to grow the Spiral Table program in Calgary was born.

Our team at Conscious Brands is thrilled at the opportunity, as this partnership wonderfully exemplifies one of our guiding principles – “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go further, go together” (African proverb). We’ll benefit from the connections Thrive has to local businesses and social innovators via their developed network.

And from Thrive’s perspective, rather than reinvent the wheel, they’re able to adopt an existing successful program into their offerings. The Spiral Table program is already well-positioned to support the goals for their learning community. It provides the structure and processes for progressive leaders to deepen relationships and collaborate on effective solutions for a vibrant, new economy in Calgary.

What exactly is the Spiral Table program?

Spiral Table® is Conscious Brands unique approach to collaborative leadership development – a peer-to-peer learning environment. It’s aimed toward leaders and change-makers of purpose-driven organizations, to help them grow and evolve, together. Meeting monthly over the course of one year in groups of 6-8, each session involves dialoguing through the most pressing challenges and opportunities faced by individual members. Backed by our thoughtfully cultivated research and facilitation, each Spiral Table becomes it’s own senior level advisory group, sounding board, and idea generator for the organizations involved.

But collaborative leadership development goes beyond a simple exchange of advice and information. Going further together means a deeper, more connected approach. It requires an environment of trust and vulnerability, and the commitment to the other leaders to help grow their skills and achieve their goals, as well as one’s own.

Rarely in the professional world are we given the time and opportunity to open up in this way, and have a group of mentors in our immediate circle.

But it is this level of reflection and engagement that produces the most meaningful transformations in the participants. For a more in-depth look at the process and benefits of Spiral Table, view our blog post.

The concept began as a pilot several years ago, and the original Spiral Table is still going today, 7 years strong. Now, with 4 active tables and 2 more to start this fall, we can say with certainty that it’s been a game-changer for us and our members – one that is ready to be offered to a broader audience. And that’s where Thrive’s network of Calgary organizations comes in.

Interested in what this Spiral Table partnership has to offer?

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