February marks the 2nd annual B Corp Month where triple-bottom line companies celebrate what makes B Corp businesses great.

When you see the Certified B Corporation seal, you know the company behind the product or service meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

B Corp: Be the Change

We believe in a better way of doing business, and here’s how we’re different:

  • In 2010, we became a founding Canadian B Corp!
  • We donate a portion of our revenue to charity and are a proud member of 1% For The Planet.
  • We are a Living Wage Leader.
  • Our power use is offset by 100% renewable energy through Bullfrog Power.
  • We strive to dispose of less than 10 lbs of waste per year.
  • Worms eat our food scraps! We have in-house vermicomposting.
  • We support telecommuting, flexible work hours and employees working from home. When we do meet face to face or have places to be, we aim to keep employees commuting by car no more than 30% of the time by providing allowances for bicycle maintenance, transit passes, and car-share memberships and encouraging walking and car-pooling.
  • We offset emissions-based travel by planting fruit baring trees through REAP Calgary’s Community Orchards Program.
  • We provide employee incentives to volunteer with value-aligned organizations.
  • We provide our team with allowances for professional development, mentorship and training incentives, RRSP and ethical investing programs, a holistic wellness benefits package, and a sabbatical program.

We Can Help You Join the B Corp Movement!

Many companies believe in the B Corp movement but lack the human resources to make the leap. We help guide and support companies through the certification process while supporting sustainability strategy immediately following certification. We help companies leverage B Corp to become a better over time, beyond simply the rubber stamp.

If this is something you would like to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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