Thrive and Conscious Brands are coming together once again to activate your conscious leadership potential!

Are you a local economy leader passionate about a sustainable economy where everyone can thrive, come together to connect, collaborate, and address unique challenges?

If your response is an enthusiastic ‘YES!’, our Spiral Table Program is for you.

What is a Spiral Table?

The Spiral Table Program integrates innovative leadership strategies and community-based economic development approaches to develop yourself and your organization as a leader that is better able to effect real change. Conscious Brands helps guide you and other Spiral Table participants to hone in on key areas of learning and action that create resilient economies now and for future generations

You’ll be part of a mastermind (used in the context of good not evil!) group of 5-6 peers and a program that integrates innovative leadership strategies and community-based economic development approaches to help you better effect real change. Areas of exploration and action include:

  • Best Practices in Conscious Business
  • Measuring and Monitoring Stakeholder Impact
  • Defining TRUE Sustainability
  • Building and Practicing Conscious Culture
  • Prioritizing People and Planet in Purchasing
  • Progressive HR practices that Foster Inclusion and Build Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Emotional Intelligence

What is the investment?

You must be ready to fully and productively participate with mind, body and spirit over the course of one year through a series of 10-12, 2 hour meetings. You will also need to dedicate a minimum of 1 hour of action between the meetings on improving your leadership and business in the new economy. The annual investment is $135/month.

What do past particpants have to say about Spiral Table? 

Past participants of the program include Black Sheep Mattress Company, Evolved Health, Intrinsi, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, Sunnyside Natural Market, Yoga Santosha and many more…

“Throughout the year, we were introduced to progressive business theories and practices. The discussions that ensued transformed those theories into practices that were easy to implement, not only in my business but also into my personal life. I regularly left the Spiral Table sessions feeling invigorated and inspired. I would highly recommend participating in this unique program.” – PATTY NOWLIN, Owner, Sunnyside Natural Market

“Spiral Table has been incredibly valuable in bringing me together
 with industry peers and learning the successes and challenges of their business and sustainability initiatives. The facilitators are professional, well organized and able to structure our thoughts and ideas into useful frameworks. Having facilitators gives us greater support for our projects and businesses.” – STEWART BROWN, Founder and CEO, Genuine Health

Interested in registering or learning more? Please reach out!

Phone: 403-204-2668  or email
Barb at Thrive: |  Rob at Conscious Brands:

Together we are building a thriving, resilient and inclusive economy for all.


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