If you have been following Conscious Brands in the last few years you would know that we are obsessed (in a good way) with Holacracy – an organizing system, or social technology, for companies operating in the new economy. It is a set of “rules” for all in the organization to abide by that solidifies distributed leadership and distributed authority. It taps into the collective intelligence of our organizations specifically around how to best organize around work. It is based on principles of evolutionary design for our organizations. It is REALLY cool.

Conscious Brands has a licensing agreement with HolacracyOne (the Holacracy founding body) to deliver Intro workshops. Below are the details for the first one scheduled in Calgary. Watch for an announcement for another Calgary workshop for later this year. Watch for announcements for Holacracy Workshops in Vancouver and Toronto soon. We are currently scoping workshops in Ottawa and interior BC.

Here is the link to the March 21st Calgary Holacracy Intro Workshop with more information and registration. Hope to see you there!

As you consider if the workshop is right for you, here’s a 4.5 minute video teaser from Holacracy founder, Brian Robertson, on “What if We Rode a Bicycle Like We Manage Companies?


Conscious Brands Crew



Calgary Holacracy Intro Workshop Details

When:Friday, March 21st, 2014 9AM – 1 PM

Where: Assembly Coworking Space – Suite 400 119 14th Street NW, Calgary, AB

Lead Presenter:  Matt Mayer

Matt is a strong believer in the idea that business can be a force for good only if success can be redefined to include measurable returns for all stakeholders, rather than simply enriching shareholders. Though the process of redefining success for a company can be messy, Matt thrives in creating and witnessing those conditions – the process of creation, re-envisioning and expanding. Holacracy is the most perfect system for organizing a business around these principles. As such, he is a strong proponent of Holacracy being the “organizing structure for 21st century businesses.”

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