Entries by Jessica Thorburn

Update on our 30×30 Nature Challenge

For the month of May, the CB team signed on to take the David Suzuki 30×30 Nature Challenge – spending 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days to kick-start a nature habit that lasts all year-round. We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful or perfect time for this challenge. After being cooped up […]

CHFA Sustainability Awards

Conscious Brands is a proud sponsor of the CHFA Sustainability Award – Recognizing organizations that have developed a culture of sustainability internally and that display strong engagement and participation from employees. This year at CHFA West, Left Coast Naturals was honoured as the Supplier Recipient and Nature’s Fare Market was honoured as the Retailer Recipient […]

April’s Top 5 High Vibes

What does the word ‘harmony’ mean to you? For most of us, we probably conjure up the notion of balance, cooperation or tranquillity. When we think of harmony in our everyday life, we imagine a utopic place where stress or tension are more even-keeled and most elements feel in balance. A space where work and […]

United Nations Right to Food Report

A new United Nations report presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council last month is sharing valuable information on the damage the pesticide industry has on our health and the health of the planet, summarizing agro-ecology and organic agriculture as the real long-term solution to feed a fast-growing global population. The report offers a […]


Co-discovering the first level of consciousness in the industry; Initial findings from our time in Anaheim

On March 9th, 2017 at Natural Products Expo West, Conscious Brands (CB) hosted 75 bold leaders and visionaries in an educational session entitled  “Co-creating an Industry of Conscious Companies: A Generative Dialogue.” The call/idea to host such a workshop came from identifying trends through conversations we have been part of at the MegaFoods ZingMojo conference, […]

March Top 5 High Vibes

March was a busy one for the CB team! We launched our revamped ‘How to build a B Corp Consulting Practice’ self-study workshop and we hosted an incredible session at Expo West in Anaheim (more on that later…) Toss that together with our usual full-to-the-brim workload, and March definitely kept us on our toes! So […]

Secrets to Building a B Corp Consulting Practice

Newly revamped and better than ever, our SECRETS TO BUILDING A B CORP CONSULTING PRACTICE: SELF-STUDY COURSE is now live! The goal of this courses is to provide a succinct, step-by-step overview of the tools, resources, and best practices we have learned about B Corp consulting. Below, a couple of our past course participants share some […]