Collaboration + Laboratory

We call our workspace the Collaboratorium – part collaboration space, part laboratory. That’s because we believe that when collaboration and experimentation meet, magic happens. The Collaboratorium is designed to create the ideal conditions for that magic to take place when we host workshops and facilitate strategic planning sessions.

Some interesting features include:

Board Room Table: Handmade by a local master carpenter, from a salvaged airplane hangar door from Fort Mcleod. The apron and legs are made from reclaimed construction site wood that was destined for the landfill. The chairs that surround it were also slated for disposal, until we rescued them.

American Clay: As a wall plaster, clay has many positive health effects. It regulates humidity by holding more available moisture in our dry Calgary climate, and it releases negative ions, which literally make you feel good!

Living Wall: Our living wall is not only aesthetically pleasing, it purifies the air and creates oxygen that refreshes the meeting place.

We’d be thrilled to have you visit. We also rent the Collaboratorium for ½ day, full day and/or evening events. Check out our Rental Agreement or contact Matt Mayer at matt [at] consciousbrands [dot] com for more info.