Get to know us

The Conscious Brands culture is informal, fun, collaborative and highly entrepreneurial. We’ve fostered this culture through the awesome people we work with, and by adopting Holacracy as our organizational structure. (Holacracy is a structural system that instills rapid evolution in an organization’s processes by redistributing decision making power to where it can be most effective.) This means that even though we have titles, we actually all play multiple roles based on the needs of our business. We think it’s a pretty great way to embody a new, more sustainable way of doing business.

Rob Sinclair

Conscious Business Catalyst

Rob Sinclair is the founder of Conscious Brands, and strongly believes in T. Harv Eker’s maxim that “how you do anything is how you do everything.” This is a guiding principle in his life. Rob’s passion for business has found him at the pioneering phase of many new and exciting industries, including the Internet and IT industry in Calgary, self-producing a traveling, internet-based vegan cooking show, and becoming president and owner of an organic food manufacturing company called Friendly Foods. He now uses that experience to help businesses grow and thrive by showing them the inherent value of taking their economic, human and natural capital into account, and working with all of those resources. He believes that there can’t be sustainability without collaboration, and there can’t be culture without community.

Matt Mayer

Conscious Business Catalyst

Matt is a strong believer in the idea that business can be a force for good only if success can be redefined to include measurable returns for all stakeholders, rather than simply enriching shareholders. Though the process of redefining success for a company can be messy, Matt thrives in creating and witnessing those conditions – the process of creation, re-envisioning and expanding. Matt has a knack for designing processes that support these conditions. Steadily improving theory by putting it into practice is something Matt is always conscious of and applies to his client interactions. This was learned, in part, during the completion his Masters of Science degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and his Bachelor of Commerce degree in General Management.

Amanda Hachey

Associate Sustainability Sherpa

Amanda works passionately to help communities and organizations leave this beautiful world even better than we found it! Through economic development and sustainability projects in the US, France, Panama, Vietnam, and Sweden, she has learned that business can be used to make incredible, positive change when including economic, social and environmental interests alike. Amanda uses innovative engagement and facilitation processes to help businesses realize their potential. Her strengths are in large group facilitation, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement. Amanda has Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Sweden.

Max Engel

Sustainability Accelerator

Max staunchly believes in the idea that dog-eat-dog capitalism foregoes its own aspirations, namely profit maximization, by ignoring the merits of system thinking and leaving out crucial stakeholders. Indeed, it’s been proven repeatedly that companies that factor in social and environmental aspects into their business decisions are more likely to outperform their peers and avert risk in an increasingly complex business environment. Max witnessed some of the worst excesses of corporate failures, and simultaneously some of most creative business solutions to pressing issues like deforestation during multiple projects, speaking engagements and entrepreneurial projects in the Brazilian Amazon. Max gleans from this experience and a multidisciplinary Master’s in Environmental Management and Policy in his interaction with clients coming from all walks of life. Having worked with different industries, Max likes to put his muscle into bridging the gap between theory and the individual reality of his clients.

Cordell Jacks

Sustainable Growth Strategist

Cordell believes that the over-arching challenge of our time is in understanding and integrating sustainabile practices into our lives, organizations, and environmental systems. He has spent his career designing, funding, and building innovative businesses that have challenged conventional assumptions of viability, and proven that ‘doing good can be great business’. Rooted in the reality that any good strategy must demonstrate profitability first and foremost, Cordell utlizes design-centric and systems-theory approaches to align vision, relationships, and strategies for growth, and integrates these with sustainability practices to uncover incredible opportunities for organizations that often become the key drivers of their success going forward. Cordell’s work efforts span across Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America, and he is based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jessica Thorburn

Events & Marketing Superstar

Jessica likes to makes things happen. She firmly believes change begins at the grass root, and thrives in environments keenly focused on sustainability in the workplace, community and at home. As the behind-the-scenes muscle guiding Conscious Brands’ social media and event endeavours, Jessica enables the Sherpas to better navigate the journey of their own clients while helping to spread the Conscious Brands message. With over 12 years of experience in the public and non-profit sectors working with a variety of organizations involved in Urban Environmental Advocacy, Productivity, Green Business Practices, Professional Organization, and Community Building, Jessica delights in being part of a team working towards promoting an enthusiastic and engaged culture. Jessica strives to attain a healthy work/life balance, spending as much time as she can outdoors with her young family on Canada’s west coast.