A 3​-day Workshop for facilitators, leaders, managers, educators & community builders

Join us in Calgary March 27th – 29th, 2018!

Are you looking for innovative ways to engage in meaningful, impactful conversations in your workplace, community or family? Are you interested in new forms of leadership that generate fresh thinking and create a shared commitment to solving critical challenges in sustainable and inclusive ways?

What is the Art of Hosting? www.artofhosting.org

The Art of Hosting is a participatory approach used worldwide for leading, convening and engaging in a depth of conversation and leadership that transforms our relationships and gets the necessary work done. Drawing on centuries of human wisdom as well as some new ways of thinking about how we work well together, the Art of Hosting is accessible and engaging in a wide range of contexts. An Art of Hosting learning event includes some of the following methodologies: World Cafe, Open Space Technology, PeerSpirit Circle, Pro-Action Cafe, Knowledge Camp, and Collective Story Harvest

In addition, participants bring their real questions and challenges and we select from a variety of additional tools and methodologies so you can develop your own hosting practice. We may explore any of the following: Applied Improvisation, Participatory Decision Making, Cynefin Framework, Appreciative Inquiry, Living Systems, Theory U, Chaordic Design, Complex Adaptive Systems, Emergence

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice what you learn
  • Transform conflict into creative cooperation
  • Engage all stakeholders in meaningful conversations
  • Enhance your ability to see and address difficult questions
  • Learn to design and implement the Art of Hosting methodologies
  • Understand how to scale strategic conversations for small and large initiatives
  • Connect with other leaders and explore how you can work more powerfully together

Many of the problems and issues we face in our organizations and communities can only find creative and wise solutions in collaborations with others. No matter what sector we work in, what community we live in, or what family we were born into, we are all faced with situations that demand people working together across their differences.

Why attend the Art of Hosting?

  • Build Stronger Teams and Partnerships. Broaden the skill set within your group, work more effectively and enjoyably together, engage teams, organizations, and community stakeholders in meaningful conversations that promote resilience, belonging, innovation, and collective impact.
  • Enhance our skills and abilities to work with complexity, uncertainty & change. Develop leadership confidence for facing challenges that don’t have solutions, learn practices to engage skillfully with fear, conflict and stuck patterns, use wise process planning architectures for small and large scale initiatives, and host strategic conversation
  • Apply what you are learning directly to the change projects that are important to you, your community or organization.
  • Elevate your ability to facilitate groups small and large in participative ways and really discovering the power of collective intelligence

Who should attend: Experienced and young emerging leaders, managers, facilitators, teachers, community builders, public officials, social innovators, educators and anyone attracted to the call!

All experience levels welcome, this is your invitation to join us.

The Hosting Team:
Chris Corrigan

Tim Merry

Brenna Atnikov

Matt Mayer

Rob Sinclair

Fort Calgary
750 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5E1

Not For Profit, Government & Community Groups:

Early Bird – Until January 31 : $650 +gst
Regular Rate – Starting February 1: $900 +gst

Early Bird – Until January 31: $850 +gst
Regular Rate –  Starting February 1: $1100 +gst

If the cost is a barrier to your participation, please contact us for a ‘creative tuition’ conversation. We do our best to be as accessible as we can. Contact TBD to explore possibilities.

Our last Art of Hosting event sold out quickly! Reserve your set today. Tickets available through Eventbrite.

** Please share this invitation widely **

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