When I created Conscious Brands 14-years ago I had a mission to help 1000 brands transition or further thrive in the New Economy by 2020.  About 6-months ago this goal was achieved.

We used this tool to track our progress – a simple google form created by my colleague, Matt Mayer, that we would complete after a client, training, or speaking engagement.

On one side, we should celebrate!! On the other side, it feels like we have left many organizations with tools and a frameworks that they don’t fully use (or, in some cases, don’t fully know how to use). With this achievement, we have seen many of the clients we work with get acquired (the natural products industry has had a strong 14-years), executives have moved on, and unfortunately, some businesses have gone under.

So, yes it was a lofty goal that was achieved – Hooray!! But it also seems like it wasn’t quite enough. In thinking about this in the context of what Conscious Brands has become (or what we are in the process of transitioning to) – what does the world need most?  Do we need leaders that inspire selfless actions for humanity? Do we need business to create a better world? Do we need businesses to build a stakeholder driven economy? Do we need to redefine capitalism to make it work for everyone and for the long term? Or perhaps all of the above.

When I think about what it means to truly be a ‘Conscious Brand’ – I feel that as leaders, we need to get real – we need to know and share the truth about our organizations. I have fallen into the trap of being the promoter a few times, the optimistic entrepreneur and have perhaps been blind to the TRUTH about my organization.  I have neglected and been neglectful of my responsibility to the current reality of my organization’s health, whether that be the people that show up to work each day, customer satisfaction, communication, and even the reality of the balance in the bank account.  As I have become more clear on these items, I have had to apologize to many people. But I have also learned to show up in capital ‘V’ of vulnerability by using the capital ‘T’ truth and by continually striving to be a better Conscious Leader.

Over the last 14-year journey to build a Conscious Brand, I have realized that it is the people you work with each day that will take you there.

In late 2018, in partnership with the Australian branding company Mezzanine, we start to beta test a new software called the Conscious Brands Index. To date, we have had just under 400 individuals and organizations complete the free online tool and have tweaked, deleted, and redefined how we talk about it. At the software’s core, it is a diagnostic tool for organizations to measure their higher purpose and assess their readiness for new initiatives. But only after some deeper dives and swallowing of humble pie, committing to being curious over being right.

The reality is that the CBI Tool is for CEO’s who want to know the the capital ‘T’ Truth about their organization and are willing to do the work to understand their current reality so they can actualize their envisioned future.  It is an enhancement tool to the backcasting tool we already use.

I can see how if we had the CBI tool in the past, we would have been able to have greater impacts with clients in helping them to more deeply understand the alignments to engaging the greatest asset of any organization – their people!

So, as great as the big number of 1000 organizations transitioning or further thriving in the new economy by 2020 was – I feel I (we) fell victim to the collective consciousness illusion of quantity over quality.

Conscious Brand 2020 is really about having that 20/20 vision – and helping organizations enter into their 2020 with clarity, Truth, and readiness. Come January 1st, 2020 Conscious Brands the consulting firm will be transitioning to Conscious Brands the software company. Focusing on helping leaders uncover the Truth about their organization’s current reality as it relates to the people who identify with exchanging energy and creating value under the corporate umbrella.

Regarding our (Conscious Brands) Envision Future – we are currently working on that, but we know that we have a strong community of leaders to keep us on task and inspire us to continue activating our living purpose of Harmony – a Flourishing, Responsive and Regenerative Society. 

Also, if you have ideas on what a BOLD future looks like for your organization and are a Vulnerable leader who wants to know the Truth about your organization’s current reality, give us a call.

How Conscious is your Brand? Find out – www.consciousbrands.co

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